Bordromat® Payroll Process Management System is a member of Informasoft® Human Resources Software product family. Bordromat® derives its strength from four different sources that its creator, CottGroup®, has. The experience gained in the fields of consultancy, outsourcing, training, and technology was combined with the experience of human resources professionals and transferred to the system. The success of the system emerged when a team of experts whose main professions are human resources, personnel affairs, and payroll, delivered their needs directly to the software developers within the same company.

Thanks to Idenfit and Bordromat partnership, Idenfit time management module and hardware integration with payroll occur as a result of payroll data can be created on a single platform.

Setting out with the need for quality and efficient service understanding and analyzing the company correctly, specific to the company; It is a consultancy firm that produces solutions in medium and high level recruitment processes. Based on the principles of good communication, trust and continuity, it guides the candidates who will contribute to the companies of the business partners, and helps the candidates to have their dream job opportunity.

Idenfit recruitment module users can get recruitment consultancy services from Workforce at advantageous prices whenever they need.


Edenred offers services and solutions that will reduce the costs of businesses, ensure more efficient use of resources and save money. Ticket Restaurant supports businesses in lunch expenses with lunch cards, in akarket expenses with Ticket Car, in incentive and rewarding expenses with Ticket Compliments gift vouchers and cards.

With the Idenfit-Ticket Restaurant integration, employees can access their card balances through the İdenfit application and benefit from the advantageous prices offered.

TalentMondo is a wellbeing platform that offers live lessons for the physical, mental, social and career development of its employees with hundreds of professional and global trainers. It enables companies to reach a happier and more productive employee profile by offering one-to-one or group lessons with programs tailored to their needs.

Evaluations made with the Idenfit performance module can be rewarded with TalentMondo credits.

Pos Basit

It is a virtual pos payment platform that was launched by Insha Ventures, enabling all sales made from e-commerce sites to be made online. By providing a single integration with Posbasit, no installation fee, hidden fees and fees can be paid quickly and securely on all credit cards with appropriate commission rates.