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new generation
human resources & workforce
management software

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what is idenfit ?

Idenfit is a new generation, cloud-based human resources and workforce management software enables you to manage your employees and operations in the most efficient way under a single platform.

Find the right solutions for your business with Idenfit which offers easy-to-use, supportive modules that you can access both on web and mobile!

measuring efficiency with 5 questions

measuring efficiency with 5 questions

Idenfit human resources software allows you track down to the present location of every single employees along with the information on their day’s schedule and accomplishments. Idenfit answers the questions “what task has been completed by who, where, when and how”.

Idenfit cloud based platform (SaaS) which can be applied to all types of businesses, provides remote access to your infrastructure 24/7 for your workforce. You access to data anytime, anywhere over the internet.

user-friendly dashboard

Idenfit has a easy to use, dynamic & flexible dashboard which allows you to manage your company’s all human resources management processes. The dynamic dashboard is designed to enable adding different interfaces and modules.

You can have a holistic approach to human resources management under a single platform with flexible units that support each other . Reporting feature lets you create data outcome templates, analyze data and print-out reports.

user-friendly dashboard
modular structure

modular structure

Idenfit integrates all human resources management units under a single platform. Idenfit combines the human resources, workforce management and identification with its comprehensive structure consisting of easy, dynamic & flexible modules that support each other.

Idenfit ensures that the workforce is managed efficiently with real time data.

human resources management
a holistic approach to human resources management

workforce management
payroll, leave, duty and control systems

identification and transition management
identification and access control systems

touch-free identification technologies

Idenfit touch-free identification technologies provide real-time identification track of your employees by using systems such as biometric, gps, beacon, rfid and nfc. They connect and transmit information to smart devices making location-based searching, interaction easier and more accurate.

Touch-free Identification methods offered by Idenfit

  • facial recognition
  • rfid
  • bluetooth
  • wifi
  • gps
touch-free identification technologies
cloud technology & quality standards

cloud technology & quality standards

Idenfit is a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage your employees and work- force easier and more efficiently.

“We hereby Idenfit are to offer all of our products and services that we have built for 20 years of industrial experience aligned with ISO (27001 and 9001) standards for continu- ous customer needs and satisfaction.

Idenfit uses Amazon Web Services technologies.

ultimate employee experience

“We know that happy employees and their success stories are behind the sustainable customer satisfaction!”

We hereby Idenfit offer people-oriented solutions to businesses in order to obtain better employee perception and ultimate employee experience

Idenfit keeps employees on the move.

ultimate employee experience

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