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Plan, Assign, Track and Score Trainings

Plan, Assign, Track and Score Trainings

With Idenfit training module,

  • Plan in-house or outsourced training sessions.
  • Upload various training documents, files, images or videos.
  • Monitor the training information and subscribers on the calendar.
  • Add trainers, subscribers and training sessions.
  • Send training notifications on mobile devices.
  • Categorize trainings and get reports.
  • Track process and results of the trainings.

Have efficient training results

Idenfit cloud-based employee training module helps you to plan, assign, track and score training courses based on the direct feedback of your employees and you can have instant insight about the efficiency of your training and development sessions.

You can output real life datas about training participation (how many people join or who attends) through gps and beacon tracking systems on training sessions with using only mobile phones. If subscribers don’t attend or miss a few sessions, you can monitor these datas and get a report immediately.

Have efficient training results
Evaluate training success

Evaluate training success

Evaluating the results and effectiveness in an accurate way is the most desired result from training but it's usually the most difficult to accomplish.

Idenfit training module allows you to evaluate the participants about the subjects below,

  • Users can evaluate the reaction of the participants: What does the participant feel about the training?
  • Users can evaluate the learning process of the participant and participants can score the training session considering the content and implementation: What facts, knowledge or technical skills did the participant gain?
  • Users or the participants can evaluate and score the trainer’s performance.
  • Users can report the results and effectiveness: What results occurred and what results were achieved at the end of the training?