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Upload corporate documents easily

Upload corporate documents easily!

Idenfit document module helps you to upload and store corporate documents including certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association, bylaws and any other corporate documents relating to the incorporation, ownership or management of an entity.

You can manage and categorize corporate documents and give employees access to reach and share them with their team or department.

More digital, less paperwork!

One of the biggest problems the businesses face recently is time-consuming paperworks and how they can reduce it. There is a growing need for companies to use new technologies and digital tools in order to reduce paperwork burden, by automating these processes.

Idenfit document module allows you to reduce paperwork and manage your corporate documents as digital files. You can upload, store & share common organizational documents that include information or registration paperwork and operational documents in a safe and secure way.

Idenfit documents module is available both on web and mobile.