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Time management

With Idenfit time and attendance management, you can manage employees’ arrivals, shifts, leaves, overtime issues and banking holidays without a mess. Idenfit ensures you that the shifts are calculated correctly. So, well calculated shifts help users to make performance appraisal more efficiently.

Smart shift management

You can let your employees choose for shifts they would like to work by scheduling available shifts for them with the idenfit smart shift management program, your employees' shifts, lost hours, and breaks can be viewed and managed through a single panel. In smart shift management, shifts can be categorized as fixed, flexible, and dynamic shifts. In fixed shifts, calculations are based on specific entry-exit hours, while in flexible and dynamic shifts, the total working time throughout the day is taken into account.

You get an automatic notification if there is an overtime problem in the weekly working hours so you don't have to deal with such overtime issues on and on again.

Smart shift management
Annual Calendar

Annual Calendar

Idenfit allows you to manage employees’ arrivals, shifts, leaves, overtime and banking holidays on annual calendar for every employee individually. Datas also can be edited manually. Annual calendar provides companies detailed time and attendance datas all in one dashboard on which you can monitor your team's habits respectively.

Shift Calendar

Employee shift planning on Idenfit gives you all the insight you need to plan conflict-free shifts in minutes. From one platform, you can keep track of the shifts and see all shift planning on calendar with coloured and fun design. You can easily work around vacation days and unavailability, avoid schedule conflicts, and prevent overtime while staying on budget.

With Idenfit you never have to make the same shift planning twice. Instead, you can enjoy the flexibility of our recurrence feature or create templates for future use.

Shift Calendar


Idenfit lets you manage the shift breaks during the day in a flexible way depending on the shift type. Break datas are stored and can get as report if requested. Breaks are defined and added on Idenfit, according to the company policy.

Live and History Monitors

The real-time shift datas of the employees can be viewed on the live and history monitors. On the live data monitor you can review the last 10 real time moves of the employees. The history data monitor shows the data history which can be filtered on the basis of staff, date and terminal.

At the terminals or checkpoints where authentication is required, employee photos can be taken on the mobile app on Idenfit with real time photo capture feature. The live and history data monitors consist of entirely real-time datas.

Live and History Monitors

Frequently Asked Questions

A timekeeping sheet is a document that contains reports from a tracking system that records the working hours and leaves of employees in a workplace.

Timekeeping software is a type of business software that allows employers to easily track the working hours and leaves of employees.

Timekeeping software assists employers in efficiently managing employees' working hours, calculating wages, tracking leaves, improving productivity, and ensuring legal compliance.

Regardless of the size of the business, all types of enterprises require timekeeping systems and software. These software solutions may be particularly important for medium and large-scale businesses and industries with variable working hours.

Timekeeping software records employees' clock-in and clock-out times, leaves, and overtime information. Employers can access this information in real-time and generate reports.

Timekeeping software offers a range of features, including time tracking, leave management, overtime calculation, holiday calendars, reporting, and legal compliance capabilities.

Timekeeping software provides advantages to employers, such as reducing labor costs, enhancing employee productivity, accurate wage calculation, leave management, and ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

When selecting timekeeping software, it is important to choose a solution that meets your business's needs. Factors to consider include user-friendliness, integration capabilities, customization options, and customer support. You can find all these features in idenfit!

Timekeeping software implements various security measures to protect user data. This often includes data encryption, login protection, and regular security updates.

Timekeeping software assists employers in complying with legal requirements related to working hours, wage calculations, and leave management, enabling them to fulfill their legal obligations.

Timekeeping software enables businesses to accurately record employees' working hours, automate wage calculations, better manage leaves, and improve workforce productivity.

Idenfit's timekeeping software offers features like online time tracking, leave management, leave approvals, overtime management, and holiday tracking. You can also generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports and analyze data.

Timekeeping software provides an interface for employees to record their clock-in and clock-out times. This data is automatically stored and presented to administrators. Businesses can use this data for payroll calculations.