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Why Idenfit Time and Attendance System?

Time and attendance systems are used to track and monitor employees’ work schedule especially when they start and stop work. A time and attendance system enables an employer to review their employees working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism.

The automated time and attendance systems require employees to touch or swipe to verify their identity and record their working hours as they enter or leave the work area. This self - service system also encourages employees to take their own responsibilities about requesting sick leave, holiday or overtime and managing their own time-off balances.

Idenfit cloud-based software interconnected with hardwares offers easy solutions for managing time and attendance especially tracking and reporting employees’ arrivals, shifts, sick leaves, overtime and holidays without a mess.

Turnstile Access Control

Turnstile access control systems are used to restrict access, provide security and control people traffic. They bring order to crowds in many public facilities and provide security to high-risk areas.

Idenfit turnstile access control systems allow users to identify and track employees in combination with various identification sensors, such as intelligent card reader, fingerprint readers and facial recognition systems. Idenfit software can be easily integrated with all recognition devices.

Turnstile Access Control
Card Readers

Card Readers

Card reader devices can be placed in the access points and used for both access control and tracking the arrivals and departures of the employees. Card reader system is based on using ID cards to clock in and out.

Card readers are commonly used to track employee working hours, late arrivals, absenteeism, breaks and leaves. The collected datas on Idenfit software help users generate payroll reports more accurately. Users can check data history as well and get reports about previous records of the time schedule of the employees.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System

Every company is different and therefore they may need different attendance solutions for employee identification and tracking. One of the most popular methods is using fingerprint scanners and readers as a time and attendance system. Using fingerprint devices for recording employees time and attendance is currently the most accurate and cost effective solution available among biometric systems.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System
Biometric Facial Recognition Systems

Biometric Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition systems are used for the process of identifying or verifying the identity of an employee using their face. It captures, analyzes and compares patterns based on the person's facial details.

Facial recognition systems work as the facial features of the employee are scanned and identified as 3D in the system with the high-resolution cameras and identified reference points are converted into numerical data. These verified data is exported from the device to the software then can be used as a meaningful identification system.

Facial recognition systems guarantee you accuracy, security, availability, ease of use, full integration to devices, usability, and hygiene issues.

BAB Beacon (Bluetooth)

Bab bluetooth tracker and access point implementation systems allow users to track employees & objects and monitor employees’ working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. Users can check data history as well and get reports about previous records of location and time.

Bab app also gives users the ability to control access remotely - remarkably quick and reliable access. Users can restrict or share access and manage all the door access permissions for anyone from anywhere.

BAB Beacon (Bluetooth)
Mobile Attendance System

Mobile Attendance System

Mobile time and attendance systems are low cost and easy to implement since many of the employees have their own smartphones. This system - uses GPS technology which works on cell phones - also makes location tracking easy, legal and accurate.

Idenfit Time and Attendance System allows users to use their mobile phones as the company entrance ID card with Idenfit Time App that can be easily downloaded for both IOS and Android.

Idenfit Time App includes beacon, gps, nfc, qr technologies for identification and location tracking. Employees can choose the appropriate technology, easily verify their IDs and locations with their phones and also fill in the leave and overtime request forms on Idenfit Time App. The collected datas on Idenfit Time App help users generate payroll reports more accurately.

Idenfit Time and Attendance System Features

Idenfit Time and Attendance System Features

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to use, dynamic & flexible modules
  • Offers web, mobile and modular applications
  • Provides cloud database
  • Personal or team access
  • Integrated with different programs and hardwares
  • Java-based architecture - equipped with powerful infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

PDKS stands for "Personnel Attendance Control System." It allows businesses to monitor, record, and manage data such as employee attendance, leave, and working hours.

PDKS programs typically include features such as tracking employee attendance and entry-exit times, managing leave and vacation, shift scheduling and management, working hours and overtime calculations, reporting and analysis capabilities, data security, and access control.

PDKS programs generally work on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, or macOS. Some are also available as web-based applications.

idenfit PDKS programs provide technical support services to ensure smooth installation and usage processes.

The costs and licensing policies of PDKS programs vary depending on the type, features, and provider of the program. To learn about the cost and licensing policy of idenfit PDKS programs, don't forget to get in touch with us.

PDKS programs can generate various reports, including employee attendance records, leave usage reports, and overtime calculations. These reports help businesses evaluate their performance and improve workforce management.

PDKS programs have the capability to analyze data such as employee absenteeism rates and the effectiveness of shift scheduling.

Yes, PDKS programs can be integrated with other business processes.

idenfit offers training and technical support services to help users effectively utilize the PDKS program system.

idenfit PDKS programs feature a user-friendly interface.

idenfit PDKS systems securely store your data on Amazon servers.

PDKS programs help businesses maintain accurate and reliable records of employee attendance, leave, and working hours, thereby increasing efficiency and transparency.

PDKS programs contribute to business continuity by ensuring the regular and reliable management of employee attendance and leave data.

A fingerprint reader is a biometric device that authenticates a person's identity by scanning their fingerprint. The reader captures the fingerprint pattern digitally, extracts a set of unique features, and matches it with previously stored fingerprint data to verify identity.

Fingerprint readers are used in various fields, including building access control, computer and digital device login, banking and financial transactions, public institution identity verification, time tracking, and attendance monitoring.

The reliability of fingerprint readers depends on the quality, algorithms, and technology used. A high-quality and reliable fingerprint reader minimizes false matches and false rejections, providing top-level security.

Fingerprint readers can come in various types based on technologies like capacitive, optical, ultrasonic, thermal, and magnetic.

The installation and usage of fingerprint readers may vary depending on the brand and model of the device. Typically, user guides and software instructions are provided to facilitate users' tasks.

Fingerprint reader systems secure data by encrypting and safely storing fingerprint data.

Facial recognition is the process of identifying a person by analyzing their facial features from digital images or video recordings. Facial recognition systems analyze unique facial features to authenticate or identify individuals.

Facial recognition systems find applications in security and access control, crime prevention and investigation, attendance management, personal device access, and marketing analytics, among others.

Facial recognition systems offer high-security levels, fast and effective identity verification, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced security features.

A hardware-less Personnel Attendance Control System (PDKS) is typically provided as a cloud-based service and is used to record and track employee working hours without relying on traditional physical time clock devices or card readers.