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BioEntry P2

BioEntry P2

Suprema BioEntry P2 is a compact fingerprint access control
device with Suprema's next generation biometric technology
and security platform. BioEntry P2 provides class-leading
performance and security by combining Suprema's latest
fingerprint algorithm with a powerful 1.0GHz CPU BioEntry P2
also offers multi-card reading capability with dual-frequency
RFID card technology, thus providing additional flexibility in
system design. Packed in a rectangular type stylish design

BioEntry W2

Suprema BioEntry W2 is a fingerprint access control device
with Suprema's next generation biometric technology and
security platform. BioEntry W2 provides class-leading
performance and security, features a powerful quad-core CPU
and Suprema's latest fingerprint algorithm combined with LFD
(live finger detection) technology. The device also provides
additional flexibility to system design with dual-frequency
RFID technology and multi-card support.

BioEntry W2
BioLite N2

BioLite N2

Suprema BioLite N2 is created with Suprema's latest biometric
technology. It is the second generation outdoor fingerprint
terminal that provides comprehensive access control
and time allocation features based on security platform.
The BioLite N2 features Suprema's latest fingerprint
algorithm combines with the world's best fingerprint sensor
and provides class-leading performance and security.

BioStation A2

Suprema BioStation A2 features Suprema's next generation
biometric technology and security platform with the most
advanced fingerprint access control and time attendance
terminal. BioStation A2 shows the world's best match
performance with its leading performance and provides
uncompromised security and accuracy along with top-notch usability.

BioStation A2
BioStation A2

FaceStation F2

Suprema FaceStation F2 is a fusion multimodal
terminal with unmatched face recognition performance.
You can experience the outstanding authentication
success and anti-fraud performance achieved by
Suprema's unique Fusion technology.

FaceStation 2

Suprema FaceStation 2 is a face recognition terminal with advanced
features. Powered by Suprema's innovations in facial biometrics,
FaceStation 2 offers unrivaled matching speed, accuracy
and security. FaceStation 2 provides outstanding performance and
usability for sites that providing various access and time
control, large or small, with its ergonomically designed structure.



Suprema FaceLite is the world's most compact face recognition
terminal with the best features. Powered by Suprema's latest
innovation in facial biometrics, FaceLite offers an unrivaled
level of matchmaking speed, accuracy and security. With a
compact and ergonomically designed structure, FaceLite provides
exceptional performance and usability for a variety of access
control and time attendance sites, large or small.

Thermal Camera

Suprema Thermal Camera can be used with
Suprema facial recognition terminals to
detect users with a high body temperature.


X-Station 2

The X-Station is a unique device that combines a wide
variety of components in a slim form factor. The X-Station's
3.5 inch touchscreen LCD provides an excellent interface
for an intuitive user interface. Its camera, speaker
and microphone enable advanced features such as
Face Detection and Videophone. It is a versatile product
that can be used in a variety of applications.

XPass 2

XPass 2 is Suprema's cutting-edge product. It is an outdoor
compact RFID reader based on RFID technology and multiple
hardware platform. XPass 2 supports dual-frequency
(125kHz / 13.56MHz) RFID technology, can read mobile cards
using NFC and BLE. Packed in a strong IP67/IK08 box. Besides
being dustproof and waterproof, it is vandal resistant.
Suitable for harsh environments and outdoor installation.