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Why Idenfit for the food and beverages industry?

In addition to the intense competition and the insufficient numbers of qualified employees in the food & beverages industry, the widespread outsourcing and subcontractors are requiring a powerful handling of human resources management. Idenfit software offers real-time visibility into labor, work in process and equipment that food companies can make better operational decisions in order to increase productivity, improve resource utilization and quality of the workforce.
Food and Beverages

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Law & Consultancy

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Industry & Automotive

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Logistic & Distribution

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Facility Management

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Retail Sector

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Food Sector

Why Idenfit for the food and beverages industry?

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HR Management
Idenfit helps users manage their HR processes easily in the food & beverages industry where hiring, onboarding and training sessions are excessive yet there are more to manage like papers, personal datas, payroll... Idenfit cloud based, human resources and workforce management software brings a holistic approach to human resources processes and it helps you to review and manage hr processes all in one place.
Workforce management
Idenfit workforce management is the platform for scheduling, clocking in & out, time off, and compliance with labor laws and lets users assign the right person with the right skill at the right time, ensuring that staff are optimally positioned in order to meet demand. It helps track employees daily performance and quickly pinpoint areas of improvement while supplying secure datas about time & attendance and leaves of the employees.

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