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Find the right talent for your team

Automating recruitment and hiring process means less workload and happier hr managers. Idenfit helps field managers and recruiters to find the quality talents for their organization needs and manage hiring process smoothly from searching for the candidates to the applicant interview day.

Idenfit’s automated solutions and easy to use dashboard allows your hr department to recruit, screen, track, hire, and complete employee verification of the best talents to build a more engaged and productive workforce.

Find the right talent for your team
A hiring process you would like to manage

A hiring process you would like to manage

Idenfit hiring module makes the whole hiring process easy and stress-free for the company as well as for the possible candidates. With Idenfit it’s easy to follow up;

  • Idenfit hiring module gives users opportunity to keep applicant information organized through every step of hiring so field managers can focus on placing the right talents for the job opening and creating a great candidate experience.
  • Idenfit ensures effective communication at every step of hiring process, so the applicants feel acknowledged and informed while company reputation create positive impression.
  • Idenfit offers customizable offer letter templates which can be created for all different positions, job types, and other requirements. Candidates can accept the job offer with electronic signatures as simple as sending an email. No need all the fuss like proceeding with old fashioned paperwork.
  • Idenfit hiring module lets users share or post job openings on job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s easier to reach out perfect candidates on these sites while managing the whole process on a single platform.

The long journey of hiring and reporting feature

Hiring is a long process and Idenfit hiring module covers all the steps of hiring in a smooth and stress-free way.

Idenfit hiring module and reporting feature allow users the follow up the list below:

  • Users can see the applicant pool with resumes.
  • Resumes can be filtered and assigned to the relevant departments.
  • Users can filter applications for pre-interviews with selected resume.
  • Managers can see the interview processes and results on the interview score cards.
  • It is possible to plan a common interview session on calendar with other departments which are also related to particular job opening.
  • If the candidates are accepted for the job, managers can lead them to the onboarding process.
  • If the possible candidates are not successful in the job interviews and during the whole hiring process, managers can list them as blacklist and send them thank you letters.
  • Also personal notes can be taken about questions like “why this candidate has failed?” by managers and they can share the answers with other departments in order to create effective communication in the hiring process of the organization.
  • Reporting feature allows users to get all the information and filter the steps required in the hiring process.
The long journey of hiring and reporting feature