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40 good reasons for Idenfit

40 good reasons for Idenfit

We believe that behind successful business, there are great people. We support you to manage your workforce in a better way and reach your goals.

First Class service guarantee

As Idenfit, we guarantee first class service quality to our users with our 20 years of sectoral experience, strong infrastructure and secure database. We strive to fulfill the requests and demands of you in the fastest, customized and suitable for your business.

First Class service guarantee


  • You pay monthly as much as you use
  • You can reach the system anywhere and anytime
  • Automates company processes
  • Increases efficiency
  • Allows you to communicate easily with your employees
  • Facilitates job adaptation processes
  • Decreases your turnover rate
  • Decreases your absences rate
  • Saves you time to focus on your core business
  • You don't have to invest in cash

key benefits

  • Offers the user 20 years of experience
  • Digitizes human resources processes
  • Offers mobile and modular applications
  • Provides a secure and robust database
  • User trainings are free
  • Offers free support
  • Easy to buy, learn and use
  • Provides high user experience
  • Ready to get analytical reports
  • Continuous innovation is added to the system
  • Integrated with different programs and hardware
key benefits


  • Java-based architecture - equipped with powerful infrastructure
  • ISO-27001 - IT security (ISO-9001) certificate
  • GDPR compliant - does not violate data protection
  • SHA-2 SSL 256-Bit AES - Secure transactions are performed
  • Offers an extensible and scalable system
  • Anonymized data - secure data can be separated
  • Provides auto-backed database
  • No maintenance fee
  • No server, database or license investment required
  • Amazon web services


  • Provides first-class customer service
  • Offers free updates / upgrades / support
  • Free customization and development support is available
  • Offers free support
  • Can be applied quickly
  • Gives priority to the customer
  • Increases employee engagement to the company
  • All user have own mobile application
  • Creates customer satisfaction
  • No on-site support required