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Idenfit hiring module makes the whole hiring process easy and stress-free for the company as well as for the possible candidates. Idenfit’s automated solutions and easy to use dashboard allows your hr department to recruit, screen, track, hire, and complete employee verification of the best talents to build a more engaged and productive workforce.


Idenfit onboarding module helps users to complete paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, let you gather electronic signatures with customizable pre-boarding packages, and make it smooth to prepare new employees up in advance with welcome e-mails and IT checklists. Users can be sure that the onboarding process is well organized and efficient with Idenfit that it helps to keep their positive brand image and reputation.

employee information

Idenfit employee information module allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized managers to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible. All confidential employee information and records beside documents such as employment contract, leave approvals, financial papers, overtime forms can be stored online and verified with a biometric signature.


Idenfit papers module helps ysers to store employees’ official papers safe and secure. Users can upload and keep employee’s official papers as well as create & add paper types for various official papers and filter them by name, department or type.


Idenfit document module helps you to upload and store corporate documents including certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association, bylaws and any other corporate documents relating to the incorporation, ownership or management of an entity. You can manage and categorize corporate documents and give employees access to reach and share them with their team or department.


Idenfit cloud-based employee training module helps you to plan, assign, track and score training courses based on the direct feedback of your employees and you can have instant insight about the efficiency of your training and development sessions.


Idenfit asset module helps you to add all the fixture information of your company and then users can assign the debits easily to the selected employees. Also users can enter the guarantee terms and the product edition number to track the assets accurately.


Idenfit performance appraisal allows you to measure the individual staff and team performance effectively with KPI and competences. You can have an insight about their contribution on every objectives as well as organizational level. By using Idenfit performance appraisal, you can easily measure each task completion and how effective the task is done. You can also monitor which skills are essential to complete the tasks and finally you can review the quality of task completion. Idenfit helps the employees to get performance review and quality rating from their managers for every task completed.


Idenfit expenses module helps users to manage spendings firmly! Employees can upload the expense proof by taking a photo of the bill and send it to the assigned manager on the expenses module.


Idenfit health module allows users to manage data such as health status and history, prescribed medicines, previous surgeries of the employees can be add into the system within the scope of a written permission to be obtained from the employees.


Idenfit message module helps users to share important information and interview messages with the team. Messages can be sent as a short message, email or notification and also users can send the messages to the selected team or people.


Idenfit notes module allows users to create notes for the department or an individual employee. Users can enter notes and assign them to the selected person.Notes can only be created and edited by the owner so they cannot be seen anonymously.


Idenfit feedback module allows employees to show their daily moods with smileys and send them as feedback to their team or managers. On the other hand managers can add questions and customized answers to get feedback from employees. Managers can monitor the results of the each employee or team feedback and manage the results efficiently.


Idenfit survey module is an essential component to learn employee opinions to provide a picture of your organization's needs. Surveys can be used to get employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company's success in communicating its mission to employees, corporate social responsibilities or local issues such as quality of the working environment.


Idenfit allows you to plan and implement stress-free offboarding firmly with checklists to ensure compliance and automation to help you focus on the person, not the transaction. Idenfit sends automatic notifications to admins, managers, and others so users can be sure that all process is checked and employee departure is secure, helpful and thoughtful.

payroll integration

Idenfit payroll Integration delivers 360° integration from most major payroll vendors directly to the recordkeeping platform. Idenfit payroll system is connected to time and attendance tracking, employee database and other hr information systems, the information can be moved back and forth on the platform without the need for double data entry.


Idenfit shuttle module help companies to manage their shuttle shifts for different departments and locations while making employees informed about the vehicle, arrival and departure time, driver and their communication information and the shuttle route. It is a very efficient module for the companies which have many shifts for different departments and locations.