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Securely Sign Your Documents Digitally!

Idenfit mobile signature feature is to determine who signed the data. digitally verify that it is signed, its integrity, and its reliability. allows you to confirm in the environment. system on idenfit such as uploaded payroll, leave schedule, employment contract couple by choosing the option to sign with mobile signature on documents to your documents with the assurance of factored verification method. You can give legal validity

The mobile signature is not accessible to third parties, so minimizes the security risk. Electronic No. 5070 It is considered equivalent to a wet signature within the framework of the Signature Law.

Why idenfit Mobile Signature Feature?

  • Mobile signature is the wet signature process that takes place via mail. It is much faster and less costly.
  • A mobile signature is generally found to be more reliable than a wet signature. Because the immutable integrity of the documents is preserved, the user credential accuracy guaranteed, margin for error less.
  • mobile signature; payroll, wage calculation slip, leave request form, warning, employment contract, embezzlement minutes, KVKK form and fast signing of documents such as releases and releases allows it to be stored.
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