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Our story

Berlin clockmaker Johann Meyer designed the main watch of the Ottoman Dynasty in 1878. He opened a watchmaker's shop in Istanbul as a watchmaker. son and His grandchildren turned this small business into a 5-generation global company. transformed. For generations, for more than 140 years, "Who We answer the questions "where and when?"

In the process ranging from worker hours to facial recognition systems, we too We renewed ourselves and developed. Our core business We put technology at the center in accordance with the conditions and bring it to our work. We adapted it. We now use our century-old experience and innovative energy We use it to become a global business.

The world's top 10 companies in the field of human resources and workforce planning We are working hard to be one of the software. 140 by Johann Meyer We use the values we inherited years ago to be more innovative and Under the roof of idenfit to leave a better future We continue it today.

we love being here =)