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Frequently Asked


What is Idenfit?

Idenfit is a new generation, cloud-based human resources and workforce management software enables you to manage your employees and operations in the most efficient way under a single platform.

Can I import current employee datas into Idenfit’s cloud based system?

Yes. Provided they are in the form of excel tables, currently existing employee datas like the big data, absences or payroll, can be imported into Idenfit during setup.

Can Idenfit software be integrated into different hardwares and devices in the market?

Idenfit’s core hardware is designed to integrated with multiple devices. Idenfit core hardware allows you to use any devices with any brand on the market and also guarantees you accuracy, security, availability, ease of use, full integration to devices, user acceptance, usability, cost effectiveness and hygiene issue.

Does Idenfit allow users to track employees whether they are working remotely or working in the field?

Idenfit touch- free identification technologies provide real-time identification and track of your employees by using systems such as biometric, gps, beacon, rfid and nfc. Idenfit software supports wide range of biometric devices, including fingerprint readers, iris scanners, Web and IP cameras.

How does Idenfit help me run HR management paperless?

Idenfit helps you get rid of paperwork with digital packets, e-signatures, digital forms, cloud storage and more.

How much does Idenfit cost?

Idenfit offers a subscription-based model with competitive prices that can be tailored according to your business needs. You can check the pricing page.

What is pricing policy for each modules?

Each modules have a list pricing but if you sign up for longer terms there will be discounted prices for your enterprise.

Can I pay per person?

Yes, you can. You can also choose the package that suits you from different package contents according to the number of employees and your business needs.

Is there any additional cost when paying monthly bill?

There is no additional cost.

Do I need to register/add a credit card while requesting a free user demo ?

No need to add credit card while requesting a free user demo.

How long does the trial version work? When will I receive bill for the first payment?

You can request the trial version by filling in the form or calling us and you can start using free trial for 14 days. If both sides agree and sign a contract, your first payment bill will be delivered to you at the end of the first month after you start using the system.

Who does Idenfit serve?

Idenfit serves SMEs as well as many international companies.

What is the minimum amount of time that a contract can be signed?

The contract period is at least 12 months.

Can I purchase additional modules incase my business evolves or employee numbers change?

Yes, you can always purchase other modules separately and add to your current package.

What is the setup process like?

Your contact person accompanies you by telephone and through short Webinar / Screen-sharing sessions as Idenfit sets up your system.

During the set-up period, will I be assigned a fixed contact person?

Yes. As a new user, you will be assigned a fixed contact person from Idenfit who will support you during the setup process and help you through training.

Is there any setup and training fee?

No, there is no fee for setup and training.

Is Idenfit integrated with biometric devices?

Yes, Idenfit is integrated with many biometric devices on the market.

Which brands and biometric devices is Idenfit integrated with?

Suprema, Anviz, Impinj, Virdi, Invixium, Hikvision, Hid, Nedap, Dahua, Kaba, Zucchetti, Kelieo, Isgus, ZKTeco, Safran, Bab.

How can I reach Idenfit’s customer service?

Our customer service will be happy to assist you via phone (0850 308 1878) or email ([email protected]) or chatbot depending on your chosen subscription.

How long does it take for me to get an answer when I call or write your customer support team?

In most cases you will receive a reply within 5 minutes after sending your email request or call.

Will I be charged when I get support from customer service?

No, every Idenfit subscription type includes unlimited customer support via e-mail and/or telephone without fee.

How will I get training support after signing the deal?

You will get free training session after the contract is signed. As a new client, you will receive a fixed contact person from Idenfit who will support you during the setup process and accompany you through onboarding process individually or with whatsapp group support.

Is Idenfit compliant with GDPR and Local Labor Laws?

Yes, Idenfit is compliant with the Labor Laws and tax regulations in Turkey and GDPR Europe. This provides you the flexibility that you need to manage HR main workload in an automated way while ensuring compliance with local HR-related laws and regulations.

How secure is Idenfit?

All information is encrypted in transit and sensitive fields are encrypted at rest.

Who can have permission to access to datas on Idenfit?

You decide to define which sections and functions each employee is able to access, view and edit. So, you can define specific roles and assign them to individual employees or employee groups.

Your data is kept secure with 2048-Bit SSL certificate.

Where’s my data housed and backup?

All information is encrypted in transit, and sensitive fields are encrypted. All the data is stored and backed-up in Amazon Web Services.

What certifications does Idenfit have ?

Idenfit has ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications.

How can I renew my contract?

One month before the termination of your annual contract, your assigned project manager will contact you to get your renewal application.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.