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Task and employee control software: Audit

Task and employee control software: Audit

Idenfit Audit is designed to control all task processes in real time, to check if tasks are performed on-site and on time.

  • Audit forms can be created by creating audit questions or question groups with the Audit application.
  • Audit forms can be assigned as auditing. Dynamic options can be added to the questions.
  • Employees who are assigned audits may be asked to indicate when, how long and where the audit will be held, and to send proofs for the audits.
  • With the notification system, you are informed about the inspections instantly.
  • Audits assigned to employees can be seen on the calendar so that more accurate audit plans are made.

Audit in 5 Steps

With the Idenfit Audit software, you can quickly and easily complete and report all stages of the audit. With Audit, you can complete the audit in 5 basic steps.

  • Creating and saving audit notes in the system
  • Create evaluation categories
  • Create questions or question groups for each category
  • To be able to give points to the task and employee fulfilled
  • Creating audit reports
Audit in 5 Steps
Audit mobile application

Audit mobile application

With the Audit mobile application, employees can see the audit tasks created specifically for them, as well as view and follow the general audit task list they can take on themselves.

Employees can follow the audit plan on the calendar. Managers can communicate with their employees through the message area.


Flexible Reporting

You can view the defined audit forms and audit reports in the menu according to the desired category under "audit report", "detailed audit report", "employee based audit report" and "integration records" and print them out as reports.

Flexible Reporting