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our constraints as identity with software support, Operating in 5 continents and more than 100 countries, Femaş Group's human resources and we have enabled the workforce management to easily manage digital cards. Femas Group defines the shift planning and all paperwork arrangements of its 3000 employees. While managing it accurately and easily from a single panel, it also saves on costs and workload.

3000 employees



"We transferred all official paperwork and signature works of Civil, which is in the 0-14 age baby and children's textile sector, from shift schedules to leave tracking, from payroll signatures to overtime tracking, to digital with idenfit. Along with these modules, Civil manages its routes such as surveys, fringe benefits, menu and service, up-to-date transcripts of company internal correspondence and procedures over Idenfit."

2600 employees

92 locations

“Our retail company, Civil Mağazacılık, which was established in 1997, carries out the operation, which reaches its customers in 20 stores in 72 domestic and 11 countries abroad, with 2600 employees. With Idenfit, we solved our need to digitize our relationships with our 2600 employees that we carried out this journey together. We have transferred the documents that from shift charts to leave follow-ups, from payroll signatures, all official documents and signatures to digital. In addition, thanks to the self-service HR structure, we manage our internal customer's wishes and responsibilities, career paths, surveys, fringe benefits, class list details such as food and service, and up-to-date documentation of company internal correspondence on Idenfit. Idenfit has provided us with an effective and efficient HR management infrastructure. Thank you for welcoming us on our journey.”

Mustafa Yıldıran
Civil Chair of the Board



Yatsan has used Idenfit technology through the hr, time & attendance and leave management modules for managing the workforce in their stores in many different locations. Idenfit allows Yatsan to manage their employees and workforce all in one place. It allows secure data and knowledge sharing, and also offers a single view of employees across their entire time, leave and shift calendar. Yatsan has managed all their hr documents as digital files with Idenfit.

“We’ve created a great system using Idenfit technology that allows us to manage hr and workforce all in one place. Thank you Idenfit”

Semra Uysal
Yatsan, HR Assistant

900 employees

40 branches

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Karaköy Güllüoğlu has been looking for a solution to create more accurate employee scheduling and shift planning to manage their workforce more efficiently. Güllüoğlu builds their employees’ schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability and shift trade requests easily with Idenfit’s time & attendance module. Idenfit’s dynamic and flexible dashboard helps Güllüğlu to track employee hours and scheduling overtime, reduce absenteeism and late arrivals and handle unexpected changes without stress.

Idenfit also has set a facial recognition system which is the most accurate and hygienic form of biometric recognition lets Güllüoğlu track their employees without hygiene issues.

80 employees

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

“Idenfit hr and workforce management software has helped us to notice the labor inefficiency and loss of productivity in our organization due to poor workforce planning. We have taken these problems seriously, made improvements following Idenfit’s guideline and increased our efficiency!”

Taylan Akgün
Karaköy Güllüoğlu,Planning Engineer

Double Tree by Hilton

Idenfit simplified especially the hiring process and online document tracking by finding solutions for the human resources and leave management of Double Tree by Hilton which serves in hospitality industry.

“Idenfit is the best human resources management software we have experienced so far. After working with Idenfit, our operational struggles and expenses have decreased apparently. Especially we managed multi stages of onboarding simply within a single dashboard throughout the whole process. Idenfit provided us the opportunity to manage documents tracking and leave management fast and without any pain. Thanks to Idenfit for leaving us spare time.”

Yasemin Çolak
Training and Development

200 employees

Double Tree Hilton
Doğ-Ser Makina

Doğ-Ser Makina

“I think İdenfit as a long term HR software option is a great system. Each month it is improving and getting better for us. It has all that we need in one system and is easy to use. The support staff and customizing teams are very fast for adjustments that we demand, they are solution-oriented and they work really hard to implement them. Thanks to Idenfit, we have started to easily manage our HR functions and leave tracking online and we enjoy the whole process.”

Cem Çolak
Administrative & Financial Affairs Manager

250 employees

10 Projects

Tuğba Kuruyemiş

“With the software support we provide as İdenfit, we have enabled Tuğba Kuruyemiş, which started its journey in 1980 and now serves with over 100 stores throughout Turkey, to easily manage their human resources and workforce management processes in the digital environment. By managing routine paperwork through a single panel on İdenfit, Tuğba Kuruyemiş is able to digitize their HR processes and also save time and effort.”

Nevzat Atmaca

1200 employees

111 branches

Tugba Kuruyemis