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Much Stronger Together

Vedubox and idenfit Join Forces in Digitalized Education Processes!

Cloud-based human resources software idenfit and distance education and online education software and program Vedubox are collaborating to offer innovative solutions in distance education.

All the Features You Need with Vedubox in One Platform

Vedubox enables organizations to conduct customer, dealer, member, and staff training, event management, and communication on a single platform, ensuring high-quality execution.

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Are you conducting your online training activities through different applications?

Vedubox eliminates the need to resort to multiple applications for different services. Online training management, assessment, certification, reporting, interactive training, and much more, all on one platform... With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Vedubox simplifies education and communication, enhancing efficiency. It offers a dynamic learning environment accessible from anywhere, allowing you to easily track your employees' training processes.

Are you spending too much time measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of your training?

Vedubox facilitates the process of measuring and evaluating training effectiveness, providing you with advanced technology to track and report success in the training processes. This way, you and your team can make more strategic decisions and use your time more efficiently. With Vedubox, easily measure the success of your training and focus on continuous improvement.

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Why do organizations choose Vedubox?

Numesys Advanced Engineering Inc. chose Vedubox for training portals with over 10,000 active users. Reasons for this choice include local and fast support, an education sales module that integrates with online payment platforms, live training management capabilities, the combination of LMS, exams, certification, and gamification modules, customization according to corporate identity, and the continuous presentation of education records to large audiences through Vedubox. Take a look at the success story.

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