Frequently Asked

What is Idenfit?

Idenfit is a new generation, cloud-based human resources and workforce management software enables you to manage your employees and operations in the most efficient way under a single platform.

Can I import current employee datas into Idenfit’s cloud based system?

Yes. Provided they are in the form of excel tables, currently existing employee datas like the big data, absences or payroll, can be imported into Idenfit during setup.

Can Idenfit software be integrated into different hardwares and devices in the market?

Idenfit’s core hardware is designed to integrated with multiple devices. Idenfit core hardware allows you to use any devices with any brand on the market and also guarantees you accuracy, security, availability, ease of use, full integration to devices, user acceptance, usability, cost effectiveness and hygiene issue.

Does Idenfit allow users to track employees whether they are working remotely or working in the field?

Idenfit touch- free identification technologies provide real-time identification and track of your employees by using systems such as biometric, gps, beacon, rfid and nfc. Idenfit software supports wide range of biometric devices, including fingerprint readers, iris scanners, Web and IP cameras.

How does Idenfit help me run HR management paperless?

Idenfit helps you get rid of paperwork with digital packets, e-signatures, digital forms, cloud storage and more.